Let Well Put LLC handle all your editing needs, from basic proofreading for grammar, spelling and punctuation to heavy editing of book manuscripts for continuity, active voice and clarity.

We honor the writer’s voice and suggest editing changes that reflect that voice in cadence, word choice and style.

One specialty is in editing or rewriting technical matter in layman’s terms without losing important elements or talking down to the audience. Our broad base of knowledge, along with speedy research and fact-checking abilities, help ensure that your documents are error-free.

Because our founder has 30 years of newspaper experience and grew comfortable with ever-present deadlines, Well Put LLC prides itself on producing fast, accurate work completed when you need it.

When you are too swamped to do the editing yourself or need a fresh pair of eyes to make the document contents sparkle, leave the wording to us.

One author of a book-length manuscript recently did.

“After I composed an earlier draft, publishers and book agents expressed an interest in the work, yet I had no firm offers,” he wrote us. “After Well Put LLC revised, shaped, and edited the manuscript, the book attracted attention, and I just received a book contract.”

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