'A Pathway to Profit'

Who would pass up a chance to review a book-length manuscript with the working title of “A Pathway to Profit”?

I certainly wouldn’t.

I recall sitting at the dining room table in the home of one of the authors. They all attended: Anita Pugh, Chris Matthies, Caroline Hipple and Dixon Bartlett. Eight eyes riveted on me, ears tuned to my words, minds taking in the critique. Then they peppered me with questions to wring out nuance and deeper understanding.

Communicating a strong message through engaging storytelling is challenge enough. Involving four co-authors raises that challenge to a feat.

Opening that opus to review or critique can be formidable to authors. But at its crux lies the reason for all the hard work: Does the message resonate to a reader?

They revised elements of the manuscript. After another draft or two, they arrived at their best effort.

And this year, the authors published “A Pathway to Profit,” about nurturing their culture of caring to improve financial results in the workplace.

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