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The launch of this redesigned website seems the perfect time to start a blog.

I’m not completely new to blogging. A couple years back, when I was an editor in the Business News department of the Richmond, Va., newspaper, I initiated a blog on surviving the economic downturn. As it turned out, that downturn afforded me the opportunity to re-create myself and start Well Put LLC.

In coming posts, I hope to inform and entertain you with my musings about communications. Some ideas immediately come to mind, such as providing the answers to frequently received questions about the writing art, self-editing tips, or providing the back story to some recent work (with the client’s permission, of course).

For this experience to be mutually beneficial, your feedback is essential. That goes for this blog as well as for this website as a whole. Tell me what you like and dislike, when you agree or disagree. Ask me what you always wanted to know about writing or editing to improve your internal or external communications, or how to navigate the roadblocks that keep you from starting – or completing — the Great American Novel. Think of it as free consulting.

That’s communications. The conversation starts now.

Yours in communicating clearly,
Marilyn J. Shaw, MBA
Well Put LLC

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